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Exceptional investigating is the keystone to the procedures, clean up and management of remediation.  Blaes Environmental personnel are diligent in their duty to develop applied or innovative strategies for removing pollution or contaminants in our soil, groundwater, atmosphere, sediment or surface water for the general protection of human health and the environment.


Remedial feasibility testing include:

  • Aquifer pump and slug tests;

  • Vapor extraction test;

  • Dual-phase extraction test;

  • In-situ and laboratory bio feasibility tests;

  • Air-sparge tests, and in-situ permeameter tests.  


Remediation projects including:

  • Remedial design,

  • Corrective Action Plan development,

  • Remedial permitting,

  • In-situ soil vapor extraction,

  • In-situ and ex-situ and groundwater bioremediation,

  • In-situ groundwater air sparging,

  • Multiphase extraction,

  • Soil extraction and thermal treatment,

  • Groundwater air stripping,

  • Groundwater oxygen release compounds

  • Groundwater carbon absorption.

Remediation: Service
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